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Susan is a natural hair specialist with over  20 years of experience. She is one of the original Deva stylists, and exclusively uses the old school Deva cutting/sculpting technique. Susan loves working with natural hair, as she understands and respects that what is natural is unique to the individual. She takes a holistic approach to both hair and beauty, and the diversity of natural hair types allows Susan to expertly tailor her skills to each client. After receiving her cosmetology license, she immediately started working at Devachan Salon and soon started as an apprentice. She also became a curl educator for the company, spreading the love of embracing natural hair to stylists and clients all over the country. She dedicates 100% of her time and expertise to each client, and makes sure that they feel confident in their look—not only when they are in her chair but every day—by educating her clients on how to take care of their hair at home. Susan offers professional service, respectful care, and expert styling

Susan's  Misson

She loves working with natural hair. She understands and respects what is natural, and that everyone’s hair and needs are unique and different. She cares about her clients and wants to give them 100% of what they have asked for, so she makes sure to give each and every client 100% of her time and expertise while educating them on how to take care of their hair at home. What is most rewarding to Susan is when her clients leave happy, but more important when they return happy because they have learned how to take care of their hair and feel great about it Susan offers professional and respectful service, when your with Susan your #1

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Curly testimonials

"I absolutely loved the time she spent getting to know a bit of my hair background and what I really wanted for my hair. She talked with me along the way and made sure I knew what was going on before doing anything. she explained very well how she was going to cut my hair and I loved the results. After my hair was washed and detangled I was given great info, It made me feel like I was talking to a friend not a professional hair stylist. I Loved my cut even more when I styled it on my own at home"

"Never have I had such a great experience. All of my life, my mom has cut my hair. One day, my mom decided she didn't want to anymore. I told her, I REALLY need a haircut! its been 9 months! so after a month of looking for a stylist, we settled on Susan. I didn't know what to expect, I'd never worked with a stylist before. I'm young, so I didn't want such a "sophisticated, complicated, time consuming" look. Susan was a complete sweetheart, took care of my curly issues, made sure I got what I needed, and gave me the most gorgeous haircut EVER! I have never before had a hair day that has completely been frizz free, before today .  I even went out, and it was during that horrible mist , and it didn't frizz. it stayed curly and wonderful. EVEN MY DAD LOVED IT! and that's hard to come around. Anyhow, thank god for Susan--without her, I'd still be curly and confused. Now, I'm just CURLY and i LOVE it! she took all of my requirements and met them 100%"

" Susan was my stylist. I was growing out a drastic chin length A-line for over a year, and my hair was pretty long at this point. I had explained that I needed a lot of layers because I wanted more volume, and that certain parts of my hair were always flat. I had also said that I needed a stylish haircut, and not something boring. In the end she did a great job. I still have an interesting shape to my hair, and best of all she fixed all the problems I was having. The wash and  Conditioner left my hair softer than it has ever been in my life. I'm not kidding, and it lasted for like 3 days even though I used other products to cleanse my hair! Susan was a total professional, really sweet, and listened to what I wanted. I am very happy with my Cut! I will totally be Visiting her again"


Susan Ayyad

Curl Specialist 

 To make your next appointment, please call 347-731-6743 / Text or send an email in the textboxes provided!

Cash and all major credit and debit cards accepted. have any questions about payment methods? feel free to call and have any questions answered!

There are Health and Safety protocols utilized in the salon click on the link below to read and stay up to date with any guidelines.


119 West 23rd Street

New York, NY 10011

Tel: (347) 731-6743

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